Our Commitment to Innovation

We’re a global team of experts who wants to revolutionize the way banking is experienced. We think big and work tirelessly to make it easier for customers and businesses in the banking sector to get work done.

By providing customer-centric approach solutions with deep technology in identity, privacy, and security, we thrive on solving complex problems and turning them into distinct advantages to solve customers’ problems.

Simplicity in
User journey

• Conversion rate guarantee by offering an excellent UX to turn users into your biggest champions and ambassadors 

• Legal compliance across borders

Confidence in

• Peace in mind in securing every step of the user journey

• Reliability with our experience, proven and world-class cyber security team

Orientation of
Longevity customers

• Sustainable growth through well-integrated and interoperable solutions that fit yours and your partners’ networks

• Deep understanding of the varied digital experiences of end users

How does Digibank help their customers?


By mid-2023, companies that work with Digibank experienced a significant increase in new users and boost in revenue.


active users of banking and financial services in our digital platform


new users successfully onboarding monthly

Success Story

Double revenue: The journey to overcome obstacles of digital banking using Digibank solution

Our full suite including Digital Onboarding, Fraud Assurance system and Full-life cycle Digital Identity Management helps a bank acquire nearly 20 million users in less than 3 years.


Southeast Asia


Banking, Finance


15,000+ employees

I have never worked with such a project team that is as enthusiastic, efficient and knowledgeable as Digibank. I am so happy that everything went well.

The bank's Project Director

Interested in learning from best practices and trying world-class solutions for digital banks?

A comprehensive solution

An international standard digital identity system solutions that go above and beyond cyber security regulations,

while still delivering a smooth and enjoyable user experience

Ensure security and anti-fraud

in the digital banking channel

Fraud Prevention

Anti-fraud System monitors and detects suspicious activities, providing real-time fraud alerts to safeguard user identity and their accounts throughout their lifetime transaction.

Unhackable solution

Our solution incorporates robust security measures, such as multi-factor authentication, data integrity & API protection, ensuring that sensitive information remains safe from unauthorized access.

Ensure a successful customer

conversation rate at the same time

Accuracy & Seamless

Digital Onboarding ensures a streamlined customer onboarding process. The advanced technology verifies and validates user identities swiftly, eliminating errors and minimizing the risk of incorrect data entry.

Best-in-class UX

Our entire onboarding process only takes <1 minute to complete effortlessly. While Full Life-cycle Digital Identity Management allows users to create a federated identity across partner networks.