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Many Fintech businesses are experts in their financial knowledge and their core products and services. What they are concerned about is their ability to provide the best user experience by the customer for the customer to better manage and understand the complex financial products and services they produce. Rnext can bridge the gap to help customers better understand and use your products.

  • Rnext - Fintech Solution Platform helps you to focus on your core product by providing you with easy-to-deploy tools to scale up your business and monetize your business. Rnext gives you the building blocks you need to develop your own branded wealth management platform and provide linkages to a financial services ecosystem.
  • Rnext - Fintech Solution Platform - as an extension of your business and back office operations, so that you can concentrate on developing your wealth management business with the support of our software and knowledge base in the financial technology experience field.
  • Rnext - Fintech Solution Platform streamlines and simplifies the investment processes to let you focus on your clients to propel your business forward.

As a Bank Service

Whether you’re building a new banking platform or offering innovative financial services, Rnext will help develop the supporting financial services required for you to take your business to the next level in customer service and monetization.

  • Non-card Payment
  • Digital Banking
  • Digital Transformation

As a Community

Rnext supports your effort to provide quality customer service at scale and to nurture a community around your core products. Rnext gives you the tools to maintain a small customer service team as your business grows without sacrificing good and instantaneous customer service. With Rnext’s tools, create a digital community around your products and services to build a loyal customer base.

  • API
  • Chatbot
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Consultant 24/7/365

As a Marketplace

A marketplace that can offer a curated collection of tools – all available from one central place for total customer convenience.

  • Connect directly to the Omnichannel platform
  • Remote management easily & directly
  • Easy to manage the business
  • Expanding activities with IoT technology