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We have industrial and R&D expertise and access to international expertise, along with military-grade technologies to ensure clients’ digital assets and operations are safe, reliable, and predictable.

Our deep R&D capability helps SEA-based firms reduce R&D expenditure while leveraging on our expertise to shorten the time-to-market cycle tour innovative products, improve productivity and become a technology capability-multiplier to our clients’ in-house teams.

Featured Products & Services

TECHNOLOGY & System Integration SERVICES

Technology assessment, Engineering and economics analysis, Product and process development, and Cyber Security System Integration services

Forensic Security Operations Center

Monitoring security events - "Know your adversary, know yourself"

Smart Business Platform: ERP & Retail

Great technology-meets-design product which is fine-tuned for ERP, MRP, Retailer, Manufacturer, Distributor business


Secured Soft-token, Authentication Server for Digital Banking & Digital Identity in Indochina Market

Forensic Security Operations Center (Forensic SOC)

Forensic SOC  - is the innovative pure-play Managed Monitor, Analyze and Response (MMAR) service provider, keeping organizations safe from constantly evolving cyber-attacks that technology alone cannot prevent. The data captured by our Forensic SOC is ready for a forensic team to start their works. Our 24x7 SOC, staffed by elite security analysts, hunts, investigates and responds in real-time to both known and unknown threats before they become business disrupting events. 

Asset under protection: US$2.8B
Revenue under protection: US$1.63B
Servers under protection: >200+

Authentication Solutions for
Digital Identity and Digital Banking

Digital Banking

Bank's transformation, safe and convenience.

Digital banking is the digitization (or moving online) of all the traditional banking activities and programs that historically were only available to clients when physically inside of a bank branch.


Digital Identity

Protecting citizens' sensitive personal data

Digital Identity mechanisms offer the promise of greater efficiency, security, and trust in a wide variety of settings. From the provision of financial services to government identification and anonymous data collection, digital identity can enable social transactions and strengthen the systems critical to society as a whole.

Rnext - Smart business operations

Rnext provide high-tech solutions to realize your omnichannel strategy or improve your sales and optimize operations of manufacturing floor, warehouses and showroom, your employees and customer services.
Rnext is a cloud-based system with fully integrated software including the following modules: MRP, ERP, CRM, HR & PAYROLL, ACCOUNTING, POS, PROJECT, E-COMMERCE.
You can easily manage and optimize your stock inventory for individual store or the entire retail chain, schedule staff attendance and measure their performance assisted by AI technology.


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The singularity of
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Inspired by technological singularity, Singalarity sets to unlock the black box of the future and stay relevant in an imminent world of advanced cybernetics and computational intelligence - reacting and anticipating the endless possibilities that it beckons.

Singalarity focuses on future-relevant technologies in the domain of AI and cybersecurity through our own technological development and partnership with top-tier vendors.

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