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Protecting citizens' sensitive personal data

Digital Identity

Digital Identity mechanisms offer greater efficiency, security and trust in a wide variety of settings. From the provision of financial services to government identification and anonymous data collection, digital identity can enable social transactions and strengthen the systems critical to society as a whole.


Digital Identity's Features


  • Multi-factor Authentication Login: support multi-factor authentication to serve several purposes to ensure the highest levels of banking security.
  • Secured Soft-Token: meet international standards of security (TLS 1.2 at least; AES256 at least; RSA with key length 2048 at least; SHA256 at least).
  • Authentication Server: has been deployed and is currently providing both one-factor authentication (1FA) and two-factor authentication (2FA) login for various web portals, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), operation systems, logins, network devices and emails in government, financial institutes and online healthcare services.


  • Face Recognition Authentication: A technology capable of identifying or verifying a person through Biometric Artificial Intelligence application, and also adapt liveness detection to detect fraud.
  • Voice Recognition Authentication: A technology refers to the use of a person’s voice to provide a biometric authentication ability, eliminate the use of an additional authentication step such as entering an account number and PIN to access an account or perform transactions securely. It can also be applied in call center to prevent Fake New Customer Fraud.


Bank's transformation, safe and convenience

Digital Banking (Digibank)

Digital banking is the digitization (or moving online) of all the traditional banking activities and programs that historically were only available to clients when personally visit a bank branch.

Digibank's Features

Bank faster, easier and better

Everything is done with a touch of finger, from enrollment to transaction, without the need to personally visit a bank.

Advanced Banking options

More than just bank transfer, now with QR Payments, Bill Payments, Loans and Savings to enhance your banking experience.

Secure & Reliable Transfer

With Soft Token, we can bank and trade safely, and easily, we no longer need to wait for SMS OTP or look for our physical token.

Financial products & services

All-in-one to serve all financial needs: Insurance, Investment Banking, Overseas Transfer, Individual & Business Finance Management.

“A choice that makes the difference.”

We provide the continuous delivery of superior digital security while simultaneously providing industry leading customer satisfaction and support.

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